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How to dry clean at home in 2021

Bought the most perfect well fitting blazer only to discover it has an inconspicuous “Dry Clean only” tag tucked away into a corner? Hyperventilating at the thought of how much its actually going to cost to get it cleaned at the dry cleaners?...

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10 ways to save energy doing laundry.

Laundry, often regarded as one of the most mundane chores by most Britons also costs quite a dear amount. Since most of us have a few loads of laundry to do each week, it is worth taking steps to ensure our laundry habits are as energy-efficient...

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How to Read Laundry Care Labels

LAUNDRY SYMBOLS EXPLAINED: ULTIMATE GUIDE Are you guilty of giving a cursory glance to the care label on your favourite blouse before chucking it in the laundry hamper vowing to hand wash it? Do you find laundry and washing symbols confusing and...

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