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Belgravia Dry Cleaners

Your one stop solution to all your laundry and dry cleaning woes: Gold Dry Cleaners is here to save the day and make your life easier! Located close to Belgravia in the heart of London, we collect, clean and deliver all within 24 hours as a standard. Express dry cleaning and laundry services are also available at an extra charge. Operating 24/7 we are available wherever and whenever you need us!


Providing a free collection and delivery service for all orders above £30, we
aim to maximize convenience and minimise hassle. Pickup and delivery
service is available all over London.

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Once you order, our drivers can come right to you for a pick up.


All your clothing is cleaned with British standard high quality solvents and detergents.


Deliveries are free for every order in Belgravia upon request within 24 hours post cleaning.

Here is what we do!

  • Gold Dry Cleaners offer complete in house operations for all your
  •            garments.
  • Professional alterations and shoe repairs are available on premises.
  • Our services are available online 24/7.
  • Pick-up & delivery times available between 10 am-10 pm.
  • Free pick up and delivery for all orders above £30.
  • 24 hour turnaround times for dry cleaning and laundry meaning Same
  • Day service!
  • Express Cleaning service with faster turnaround times also available at
  • extra charge.


Gold Dry Cleaners are your one stop Dry Cleaner in Belgravia offering an array of services. Catering to everything from shoe repairs to wedding dress dry cleaning and providing high quality ironing service, we do it all! Browse from our service categories and see just how Gold Dry Cleaners can help you tackle your wardrobe and home linen woes today! 

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and consistent quality with each and every order. 

Couture Cleaning

Wedding gown and formal outfits cleaning and preservation.


Done by our tailor on premises.

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Leather and Suede Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning services available.


Pillowcases, duvets, curtains and more.


Silk or cotton, we have got you covered.


Cleaning, repairing and ironing services all under one roof.


From down parkas to wool coats, we do it all!

Laundry Service

Wash, dry and fold service available. 

Affordable cleaning and helpful staff. I have used them several times during lockdown and their quality has been consistent.

Glad I stumbled upon them and chose to try their services. Great speedy service and friendly attitude. The guy at the front counter was very knowledgeable about cleaning suede and leather garments.

Michael O’Conner, Pimlico
Laura GreenLDN

My go to place for dry cleaning whenever I visit London. Fast and efficient plus very good at what they do. Always very punctual in delivery to my apartment as well.

Saad Al-Makhrouj, UAE
Lisa SantosLDN

Belgravia Dry Cleaners

Providing dry cleaning and laundry services in Belgravia, Gold Dry Cleaners have been operating out of the area of Kensington and Chelsea since 1990. We are an online branch of Chelsea Cleaners LTD which is based on 162 Old Brompton Road. Gold Dry Cleaners offer dry cleaning and laundry in Belgravia. This is a very high end and famous area which is home to many sophisticated cafes, upscale boutiques and fine dine restaurants. Gold Dry Cleaners has had many important clients from amongst the white terraced houses lining the elegant streets of Belgravia. Gold Dry Cleaners has offered dry cleaning here for more than 30 years. Our online platform is a new way in which customers can place orders with us. We have offered Belgravia residents and businesses the opportunity of 24/7 dry cleaning as we understand it is a modern day need. Not all customers can make do with 9 am to 5 pm timings most dry cleaners have due to work, family and social commitments. For all urgent shirt cleaning, shoe repairing and mending needs in the Belgravia, contact Gold Dry Cleaners. 

Gold Dry Cleaners is the first dry cleaner to provide 24/7 services in Belgravia, which also operates its headquarters from very close to the area as well. Dry cleaning is very important in Belgravia, as it’s a key location for dry cleaning and fashion as a whole. A chic and iconic area for fashion and upcoming boutiques, dry cleaning and high end clothing go parallel. Be it couture dresses or bespoke suits, we are a professional dry cleaner who can do it all for you.

Gold Dry Cleaners cleans most of its dry cleaning in hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines. This allows us to know that there will be no risk of damaging colours or fabrics in the dry cleaning process as all hydrocarbon solvent is very light and does not damage garments. We only use the best quality and eco friendly solvents and stain removers in the market to clean your items. This helps retain the vibrance of the garment for longer by protecting colours but also increases the life of the garment. Cheap bleaches and detergents are not utilised to remove stains as they can reduce the life of the garment. We are very careful to use high quality British standard detergents and make sure we remove stains and spills while being gentle on the fibers of the garment. Building trust with a customer is very important and something we put great emphasis on. For an area like Belgravia it is important for us to use hydrocarbon based dry cleaning machines, as when dealing with expensive garments the last thing you would want is something to go wrong. 

Apart from being very careful with customer orders, we also adhere to manufacturer’s care label instructions for all our cleaning. In case we fear that the garment may get damaged, we always call up the customer and inform them beforehand.

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High quality ironing service

We at Gold Dry Cleaners uphold very high standards when it comes to the quality of our laundry and ironing service. It is for this reason that Gold Dry Cleaners have 5 star reviews on Google as we uphold and maintain very high standards when it comes to dry cleaning as well as ironing services. Most customers praise our professional customer services and quality of finish for their clothes. Our delivery drivers punctuality and timeliness is another thing most customers speak highly of. Gold Dry Cleaners are one of the cheapest dry cleaners in Belgravia as affordability along with quality is what we have been offering to our customers in the area for more than 30 years. As our factory is based in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea as well, offering same day dry cleaning is not a problem for us. With most of London’s central areas located a stone’s throw away from us, our delivery drivers can be there in no time. 


For Gold Dry Cleaners it is imperative to make sure that its business holds a high standard as we have extremely important clients in Belgravia that provide Gold Dry Cleaners with very delicate dry cleaning. Express dry cleaning in Belgravia is very important as clients in the area have a very busy lifestyle. It is for this reason that Gold Dry Cleaners offers an express dry cleaning service, which takes a little as 2 hours to complete. Clients of Gold Dry Cleaners in Belgravia use this service often as it helps with their busy schedule. Furthermore, Gold Dry Cleaners ironing service is very popular among our clients in Belgravia. They enjoy the professionally pressed laundry finishing on their sheets. Our laundry service is famous within Belgravia and all sheet sizes including custom size beds are catered for at Gold Dry Cleaners factory in Belgravia.


If you are looking for a dry cleaner in Belgravia to provide hotel like finish to your bed sheets and home linen, you are the right place. We can help you out with this and much more. Order today!

Gold Dry Cleaners: Customer Service

Gold Dry Cleaners are proud to offer the best customer service and ensure client satisfaction. Our turnaround times are one of the bench marks in the dry cleaning industry. Because all cleaning and ironing is done in house, we can get orders back to clients faster. We do not leave our customers lagging or waiting as customer service is at the heart of our business. Happy customers are at the heart of our business and forging loyal customer relationships is very important to us. Gold Dry Cleaners do not entrust customer’s items to any third party cleaners. This is because we do not believe other companies can replicate the standard and effort we put into each and every order. 

Gold Dry Cleaners endeavor to keep our customers protected during these hard times. Hence, we have taken a number of measures to ensure that we are Covid safe. The washing machine drums are disinfected after every use during Covid-19 to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. We also disinfect and sanitize our delivery vans regularly to make sure that there are no viruses or germs. Because we serve NHS staff as well, we are extra careful to prevent cross contamination. 

Gold Dry Cleaners are proud to be serving the area of Belgravia since the past three decades. Our state of the art factory in Chelsea is well equipped with all the latest machinery and we have the capacity to clean everything from suede and leather to delicate beaded items and chiffon. Gold Dry Cleaners do everything from shoe repairs to clothes alterations and ironing services as well as washing and folding services. This all-inclusive in house operation is one of the reasons for Gold Dry Cleaners popularity in the area of Belgravia. Why not check out and see the complete list of products we have and also some useful tips on cleaning and washing at home? We offer advice on everything from cleaning backpacks to storing your knitwear as well as the best laundry detergents on the market. You can find all sorts of helpful hints and tips in the “Blog” section of our website.

Our website has a complete listing of our prices as well as all the products we offer. Sign up to become a member and make use of all the deals and offers. You can place an order either through the website or by placing a phone call at 07908154397.

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Clothes Washing Service

Gold Dry Cleaners provides a 24/7 online clothes washing service in the area of Belgravia since our inception in 1990. Our wash, dry and fold service is priced per kilogram. We have kept prices low to help our busy Londoners who do not have enough time at their disposal to cope with the mundane task of laundry every week. If an ever growing laundry pile and a mountain of creased clothes is your worst nightmare, contact Gold Dry Cleaners!


If you are looking for an expert dry cleaning and laundry company with three decades of experience, you are in the right place. We are experts in everything from sewing loose buttons to fixing your wardrobe woes. Gold Dry Cleaners operate on the motto of “Value you can trust”, hence we provide excellent quality every time. If we are not happy with the results achieved after the washing/ cleaning, we will clean the item at no extra charge to the customer. 

 Gold Dry Cleaners aim to become your first choice when it comes to your washing and ironing needs. In case of any queries or concerns before and after order placement, we are just a phone call or email away. Alternatively, you can also visit our store at 162 Old Brompton Road Chelsea where one of our team members will be happy to assist you. Laundry and washing clothes is a mundane chore which can easily be outsourced to free up a few extra hours each week. Contact Gold Dry Cleaners for a hassle free experience. Sign up as a member on the website to be notified of discounts, offers and more!