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Frequently Asked Questions

How is dry cleaning superior to normal laundering at home?

Dry Cleaning is a softer and non abrasive process compared to machine washing or laundering. We at Gold Dry Cleaners use solvents that are gentle on the clothes and non toxic towards the environment. Dry Cleaning also helps maintain the new appearance of clothes, thereby extending their life. It is highly recommended for certain fabrics like wool and silk which have the potential to shrink or lose colour if washed in water.

What causes discolouration or yellowing in clothes?

Most commonly, household items like bleach or cleaning products can cause discolouration in clothes. The mixture of sweat and perfume/deodorant can also cause clothes to turn yellow. Therefore, its better to wash white or light coloured fabrics immediately.

Are you able to remove any mark or stain from a garment?

Gold Dry Cleaners uses state of the art equipment to clean your clothes with staff that goes above and beyond to achieve the best results. While we cannot guarantee stain or mark removal, we do use the best detergents and solvents to ensure a job well done.

Have you got any special deals for corporate or bulk orders?

We provide the best rates and deals for our corporate customers. These deals are regularly updated on our website or you can simply use the Contact Us page to find out more.

Do you clean all types of bedding?

Yes we dry clean everything from pillow cases to duvet covers and comforters.

At what locations in London do you offer pick up and delivery services?

We offer these services all across Central London including but not limited to Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Pimlico, Hyde Park and Canary Wharf.

How do dry cleaning and laundering differ?

The vital difference between the two is that while traditional laundering uses water, dry cleaning is done without water. Instead it uses solvent to deliver the soap or detergent to the cloth.

How long does dry cleaning usually take?

The time varies depending on the fabric as well as the level of dirt or stains. At Gold Dry Cleaners we offer 24 hour turnaround time to ensure that we deliver spotless clothes to you while minimising the wait.