Open 24/7. Pick-up & delivery times between 6pm-10pm charge £20 extra. Pick-up & delivery times between 10pm-8am charge £50 extra.


Fulham Dry Cleaners

Operating in the area of Fulham, Gold Dry Cleaners offer professional dry cleaning and laundry services. We aim to maximize the convenience factor and minimalize hassle for you by offering free pick up and delivery for all orders above £30. We collect, clean and deliver all within 24 hours! Express dry cleaning and laundry services are also available. Convenient and price effective, we are the best in the business.


Providing a free collection and delivery service for all orders above £30, we
aim to maximize convenience and minimise hassle. Pickup and delivery
service is available all over London.

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Place your order online

Place your order on the website and choose a pick up time or date.

Pick Up

One of our expert delivery drivers will collect your garments in VIP service bags.


We treat your clothes with care using the best eco friendly materials and technologies.


Free delivery for every order above £30 in Fulham. We text/email you upon pick up and delivery.

Here is what we do!

  • Gold Dry Cleaners offer complete in house operations for all your garments.
  • Professional alterations and shoe repairs are available on premises.
  • Our services are available online 24/7.
  • Pick-up & delivery times available between 10 am-10 pm.
  • Free pick up and delivery for all orders above £30.
  • 24 hour turnaround times for dry cleaning and laundry meaning Same Day service!
  • Express Cleaning service with faster turnaround times also available at extra charge. 


Gold Dry Cleaners are your one stop Dry Cleaner in Fulham offering an array of services. Catering to everything from shoe repairs to wedding dress dry cleaning and providing high quality ironing service, we do it all! Browse from our service categories and see just how Gold Dry Cleaners can help you tackle your wardrobe and home linen woes today! 

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and consistent quality with each and every order. 

Couture Cleaning

Wedding gown and formal outfits cleaning and preservation.


Done by our tailor on premises.

leather jacket

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning services available.


Pillowcases, duvets, curtains and more.


Silk or cotton, we have got you covered.


Cleaning, repairing and ironing services all under one roof.


From down parkas to wool coats, we do it all!

Laundry Service

Wash, dry and fold service available. 

Affordable cleaning and helpful staff. I have used them several times during lockdown and their quality has been consistent.

Glad I stumbled upon them and chose to try their services. Great speedy service and friendly attitude. The guy at the front counter was very knowledgeable about cleaning suede and leather garments.

Michael O’Conner, Pimlico
Laura GreenLDN

My go to place for dry cleaning whenever I visit London. Fast and efficient plus very good at what they do. Always very punctual in delivery to my apartment as well.

Saad Al-Makhrouj, UAE
Lisa SantosLDN

Fulham Dry Cleaners

Gold Dry Cleaners inaugurated their website during the Covid-19 lockdown in May 2020. We are an online branch of Chelsea Cleaners LTD that has been in the business since 30 years having opened our doors in 1990. Fulham is an upmarket residential area of London known for chic boutiques, trendy shopping streets and popular restaurants and cafes. Fulham is also one of the hubs of the capital’s fashion scene with many people inhabiting its Tudor and Georgian style homes being white collar workers. The primary residents of Fulham lead very busy and active lifestyles with not enough spare time to engage in time consuming household chores. This means that they would rather out source the mundane chore of laundry to a dry cleaner based closed to Fulham. This is where Gold Dry Cleaners steps in and makes life easier and more hassle free for the residents of Fulham. We are a one stop dry cleaning and laundry company offering a range of services to all our customers in Fulham and the whole of London. These services include:

  • Clothing Alterations
  • Shoe Repairs/Services
  • 24/7 dry cleaning
  • Express Cleaning Services
  • Wedding and formal dresses cleaning

Our dry cleaning service is all about attention to detail and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our team members are highly skilled in working with all types of fabrics and making each garment look it’s best as well as promote longevity. 

Gold Dry Cleaners have the firm belief that the best type of advertising in the dry cleaning industry especially in affluent areas like Fulham is through word of mouth and of course, Google reviews. We aim to provide the best customer service to all our customers and encourage repeat business. This is how we our name is spreading as a dry cleaner par excellence in the Fulham area.

Dry cleaners in London are not able to operate in the whole of London as their business structure does not allow for this. Here at Gold Dry Cleaners we wanted every part of London to be able to order from our website Hence, we developed a structure and network which covers the whole of the city. No postcode is too far for our dedicated team of drivers who are there when you need them. So what are you waiting for? Phone up Gold Dry Cleaners now and tick off one boring chore off your to-do list. We are specialists in what we do and will provide you excellent results each time you order with us.

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Dry Cleaning London

Dry cleaning is an industry in London that is expanding on a yearly basis with an average of about 5% each year. Gold Dry Cleaners likes to monitor dry cleaning industry figures to see how well they are doing as a company. We are glad to announce that we always achieve better figures than London’s average. At Gold Dry Cleaners our highest bench mark is continuously striving to improve the quality of our cleaning and service as well as reduce turnaround times. Gold Dry Cleaners have the firm belief that the best type of advertising in the dry cleaning industry especially in affluent areas like Fulham is through word of mouth and of course, Google reviews. We aim to provide the best customer service to all our customers and encourage repeat business. This is how we our name is spreading as a dry cleaner par excellence in the Fulham area. 

Gold Dry Cleaners is an “Uber” style dry cleaner with laundry delivery and collection services available for all our customers in Fulham. We are an online branch of Chelsea Cleaners LTD based out of 162 Old Brompton Road in Chelsea, London. We cater to all types of materials and fabrics including leather and suede as well as organza and tulle. No order is too large for us as we have industrial sized machinery to cope with huge loads. Gold Dry Cleaners offer standard turnaround times of just 24 hours which is much quicker than the industry average. If you are looking for reputable dry cleaners and need your order back quick, do not hesitate to reach out to Gold Dry Cleaners. 

Delicates Dry Cleaning

Most dry cleaners in Fulham tend to charge an arm and leg for delicate fabrics and beaded items. Gold Dry Cleaners is one of the most economical dry cleaning and laundry company in the area with the expertise required to clean delicate fabrics such as chiffon and tulle/net or organza. We also have special machinery and methodology to clean beaded or sequinned gowns and dresses. Delicate fabrics require colder temperatures, special solvents and gentle cycles in order to clean them. They are known as delicate because they cannot withstand high heat and temperatures. Washing machines are rough and dry cleaning delicate fabrics helps to retain their originality. At Gold Dry Cleaners, we make sure that the colour of the garment is retained and the quality of the fabric is not tampered with. The residents of Fulham are known for their lively disposition and the plethora of designer shops and fine dining restaurants mean that evening wear is required aplenty. If you have a dress or gown in need of a pick me up, trust Gold Dry Cleaners to do the job for you. Whether it be eastern formals like sarees and lehngas or western attire such as evening gowns, we can clean and package it all for you to use again and again. 

Gold Dry Cleaners dry-cleans most of its dry cleaning in hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine. This allows us to know that there will be know risk of damaging colours, fabrics or anything in the dry cleaning process as all hydrocarbon solvent is very light and doesn’t leave or damage garments. For an area like Fulham, its important for us to use this dry cleaning machine, as when dealing with expensive garments it is imperative to protect them from colour bleeding or damaging the fibers of the fabric itself. That’s why Gold Dry Cleaners operate this dry cleaning machine for Fulham area as well as others where we get designer and couture garments from. Dry cleaners in Fulham are are known for holding high standards. Its for this reason that Gold Dry Cleaners only has 5 star reviews on Google as all standards go above and beyond when it comes to dry cleaning. Customers tend to praise our driver punctuality as well as the customer service they get. 

Hydro carbon solvent is especially ideal for delicate garments as it is light and hence, little to no risk of damaging the garment. If you are looking for dry cleaners in Fulham who can offer you high quality cleaning and at affordable prices, contact Gold Dry Cleaners. We will be happy to collect, clean and deliver free of charge for all orders above £30 in Fulham. 

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Gold Dry Cleaners: A Covid Safe company

Gold Dry Cleaners are a 24/7 online professional dry cleaners. We offer laundry services as well. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we have taken some extra measures at our stores as well as during our delivery and pick up process to protect our customers and staff members. The measures we have introduced are:

Contactless Deliveries

We offer contactless deliveries in these trying times to cut down the interaction between our staff and you. This is for your safety. Simply mention a safe place where you would like our drivers to deliver your order and we will do the needful. For apartment buildings with concierges, we are happy to collect from the concierge’s desk. For pick ups, you can leave your bag of laundry in the same safe place and notify the driver via phone call of its location. This gives you added flexibility as you do not have to be home at your chosen time slot. 

Deep cleaning and sanitization

All our vehicles are deep cleaned and sanitized twice a day to make sure all bacteria and germs are wiped out. The washing machines and all other equipment we utilize is also sanitized before putting a new load in to prevent any cross contamination between customer orders. We do not load two separate orders in at the same time. Every customers order is individually wrapped in plastic bags post cleaning to make sure no cross contamination occurs. All the door handles and frequently touched surfaces in the store are also cleaned and wiped. Our staff no matter if they are in a customer serving role or not wear masks to stay safe and keep you safe.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we have the mantra of “Value you can trust” and we stay true to this through the levels of our service and the quality of our dry cleaning. If you are on the lookout for affordable and reliable dry cleaning and laundry close to Fulham, contact Gold Dry Cleaners. You can either place an order through our website or call us on 07908154397. One of our team members will be in touch and guide you regarding whatever service you are interested in. Be it shoe repairs, clothing alterations, ironing services, laundry or wedding dresses cleaning, we are specialists in it all. Sign up as a member on the website for discounts on bulk orders as well as special seasonal offers. We aim to provide quality and affordability under one roof. Try our services today and eliminate one mundane chore from your life. Free pick up and delivery for all orders above £30.

24 hour standard delivery

Gold Dry Cleaners are a modern dry cleaners with offering our customers 24 hour standard delivery time. This is much higher than the industry average for London given the distances and the congestion on the roads. Gold Dry Cleaners are able to achieve these fast turnaround times due to our complete in house operations and our expert team who have been with us for years. They have been well trained to perform all the operations quickly and effectively. Our 24 hour standard delivery service is appreciated by busy Londoners who do not have time to spend planning something as mundane as laundry days in advance. Our delivery drivers use Waze to beat the traffic on London’s busy roads, as a result reaching the destination much quicker than they would otherwise.

Apart from our standard delivery, we do express cleaning as well. Even though a surge charge applies for late or early pick ups, we do collect, clean and deliver back to the customer in a few hours. For Fulham, because it is so close to our factory on Old Brompton Road in Chelsea, orders can be returned within 4-5 hours even. If you need garments back urgently, do not fret and contact Gold Dry Cleaners to do the job for you.