Open 24/7. Pick-up & delivery times between 6pm-10pm charge £20 extra. Pick-up & delivery times between 10pm-8am charge £50 extra.

Gold dry cleaners operate in Pimlico a 24-hour dry cleaning service. Express dry cleaning is very popular in this area with gold dry cleaners as many clients need there wash and fold laundry orders back as quickly as possible. Its for this type of cliental that gold dry cleaners has gone 1 step further and created a platform where there clients in Pimlico can place a order or delivery 24 hours a day.

Gold dry cleaners are a very beneficial option for Pimlico with regards to dry cleaning. As our prices are much lower than local dry cleaners in Pimlico. Not only that we offer same day dry cleaning as standard for our Pimlico dry cleaning cliental, and in addition to that we are operating a 24/7 dry cleaning operation which is far better than your standard dry cleaners 9-5pm option. At Gold dry cleaners you can relay on our punctuality as we always keep set routes and areas for our drivers to cover. Our clients in Pimlico tend to have more than one property, as Gold Dry Cleaners operates in the whole of London we are able to manage all our clients portfolio of properties. As some of our clients have properties in London which they do Airbnb with.