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Cleaning Tips For Bedding

There is nothing like a freshly made bed with soft pillows, clean sheets and a fragrant duvet cover. A good night’s sleep leaves one reinvigorated for the day ahead. In a recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation, roughly three quarters of...

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Savile Row Dry Cleaners

Savile Row, home to the most famous bespoke tailoring stores in London is one of the areas Gold Dry Cleaners has B2B dealings with. With high quality suiting and shirts, maintaining their appearance and colour is very important. This is where we...

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Greenwich Dry Cleaners

Greenwich, home to the Cutty Sark based in Zone 2 is another area Gold Dry Cleaners serves. After the delivery of tea, Gold Dry Cleaners brings clean clothes and home linen to your doorstep. Along with the option of 24/7 dry cleaning, we also...

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South Kensington Dry Cleaners

Gold Dry Cleaners store has been based in the area of Kensington for nearly 30 years. Having started our operations in 1990, we have consistently maintained high standards over the years resulting in a loyal client base. We currently offer 24/7...

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Mayfair Dry Cleaners

Mayfair is a very exclusive area and home to many important individuals. Gold Dry Cleaners offers a 24/7 dry cleaning service in this area. Gold Dry Cleaners is proud to cater for all types of clients in this area from b2c to b2b as we have been...

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Express Dry Cleaning

Express Dry Cleaning Express dry cleaning has become very popular in recent times owing to busy lifestyles. It is for this reason that Gold Dry Cleaners offers an express service which is faster than any other dry cleaner in London. Staying ahead...

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