Open 24/7. Pick-up & delivery times between 6pm-10pm charge £20 extra. Pick-up & delivery times between 10pm-8am charge £50 extra.

24 hour Launderette London

A busy metropolitan city like London is home to diverse groups of people from foreign students to businessmen to locals doing 9 to 5 jobs. With a booming fashion industry comes the need to keep those clothes looking vibrant and new. This is where...

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24 hour dry cleaning London

Gold Dry Cleaners is a 24 hour dry cleaning company meaning customers can place a pick up for delivery at anytime during the day or night. We are always available to facilitate our customers whenever they need us. No time is too early or too late...

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24 Hour Dry Cleaners Near Me

Gold Dry Cleaners is an online 24 hour dry cleaning company available whenever you need us and wherever you are. Our 24/7 dry cleaning service means you can place an order for anything from carpet cleaning to suit pressing to an alteration...

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1 Hour Dry Cleaning London

To get garments picked up, cleaned and delivered back within the time frame of an hour for a city as busy as London is very rare. However, Gold Dry Cleaners has risen up to the challenge with our online system which allows customers to place an...

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1 Hour Dry Cleaners Near Me

If you are in the need of an urgent suit pressing or shirt cleaning, look no further than Gold Dry Cleaners. For hotels based in Central London, we provide very quick turnaround times of as little as an hour. Simply log onto our website www...

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Greenwich Dry Cleaners

Greenwich, home to the Cutty Sark based in Zone 2 is another area Gold Dry Cleaners serves. After the delivery of tea, Gold Dry Cleaners brings clean clothes and home linen to your doorstep. Along with the option of 24/7 dry cleaning, we also...

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