Open 24/7. Pick-up & delivery times between 6pm-10pm charge £20 extra. Pick-up & delivery times between 10pm-8am charge £50 extra.

1 Hour Dry Cleaning London

To get garments picked up, cleaned and delivered back within the time frame of an hour for a city as busy as London is very rare. However, Gold Dry Cleaners has risen up to the challenge with our online system which allows customers to place an...

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Laundry Service Belgravia

Gold Dry Cleaners offer laundry services on a whole new level which sets us a class apart from the rest. We clean laundry using automatic dosing systems. This means that all laundry, which is given to Gold Dry Cleaners, will be not manually...

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Laundry Near Me Now

If you are looking for a laundry service near you now, you have come to the right place. Gold Dry Cleaners are a web based dry cleaning and laundry company providing excellent quality service. The areas we serve include but are not limited to...

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